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Thursday, 18 April 2013

The best shopping mall to visit when touring Thailand in Chiang Mai

The best shopping mall to visit when touring Thailand in Chiang Mai
There is nothing as good as visiting a new place and getting to experience a new culture. There are always new places to visit and beautiful sceneries to enjoy. All this is memorable but apart from taking pictures of the places you visit, why not go out shopping? Shopping is not only a wonderful experience through which you get to meet new people, see  the culture of the people and enjoy the scenery but it also acts as a way in which you get to remember your visit every time you wear or use the item you purchased. In addition, nothing says I have been to Thailand more than having something that is unique to the place.
The best shopping mall to visit while in Thailand is the Villi Cini, which is located in Chiang Mai. It has a classy feel and sells merchandise that is not only durable but it also has a variety of reputable brands in their stalls. This mall specializes in antiques, has an assortment of fabrics, wall hangings and home appliances. The brands that are most commonly sold include Ginger, Nova, Wits collection and Space. It has silk in a variety of shades with unbelievable feel and texture and is the best place to buy quality silk. One disadvantage of shopping in the Villi Cini is that their prices are relatively higher than other places you could shop from. But the quality of their products is assured and their mall is not flooded compared to others. In addition this place also gives you time to shop and enjoy the ambiance of the place.
You cannot say that you have been to Chiang Mai without visiting the famous Night Bazaar. This place is located at the junction of Chang Khlan Road and Loi Khro Road. A serene place for any visiting party. Shopping at the night Bazaar usually begins at around 6:00 pm and most shops start closing at around 10:00 pm. This place has an assortment of stores and you are guaranteed to get whatever it is you are looking for. The items on offer include Samurai swords, antiques, jewellery, silver, spices, gift items in form of souvenirs, statues, furniture, clothes, house wares, video games, Thai silk, clothes, shoes, purses and CD’S or DVD’S. The prices here are pocket friendly and its little wonder why everyone seems to swarm the place looking for quality goods at affordable prices.
If you are interested in Chinese culture, the best place to visit in Chiang Mai is the Warorot market. It is located a few blocks behind the night Bazaar. This place is flooded with the locals who are very friendly. Visiting this place will not only give you an assortment of quality fabrics but also toys. Most tourists who visit this place do so in order to get the real feel of Chinese culture. This after all is the essence of being in a foreign country, obtaining new experiences and learning new things.

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