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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Save on Electric, Energy, Phone Bills

Paying periodic bills requires time and money to accomplish. If you think about it, thousands of man-hours are wasted on long queues by people waiting to pay their bills. Often these services; electricity, energy and phone are provided by different companies which means that they are paid to different accounts and sometimes different offices. How much time do you spend paying your bills? How much money do you spend traveling to their offices to settle these bills? Maybe you have never considered this, but the process takes a few bucks from your monthly income and about ten hours of your time within the same month. But because you don't pay all your bills in a day, you neglect the fuel and time you spend every time you embark on the process of paying certain bills.
Whether you, your spouse, sibling, house help or any other member from your house in charged with the responsibilities of paying the bills, you can be sure that they take tens of hours every month paying your bills. However, all the hustles involved in the processes of paying bills can be smothered through use of our services. You can save on electric by allowing us access to your electric account(s). We can help in save on energy bills by settling your energy bills for all your energy consumption on timely basis. We can also help you save on phone bills by paying them periodically on your behalf. The process is flawless such that you may run for several months without noticing that the bills are actually supposed to be settled.
It is estimated that movements and moneys spent during the processes of paying your bills take between 5-10 percent extra in excess of your bills. Why not use one unconventional method and save money and time. With our services the risks of services disruptions due to overdue bills is also eliminated.

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