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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Relativism and Moral Minima

In some “moral minima” i think lenn .E Goodman is right for things do by others are wrong such as brutality, rape, murder, incest, slavery, political injustice are done wrongly I will discuss Some issues Goodman discussed must be kept in proper position there is no good thing to kill for the sake of killing the innocent victim (Goodman, 1956), rape for the sake of fulfilling your own sexual desires or taking so someone else right for the sake of gaining wealth illegally

Goodman sited that each and every person has the right to live in this world freely whether a child, woman or a man and have equal treatment. Goodman understanding is not actually good nto rush in judging others or judging things that we don’t to judge those things that are not morally upright. I tend to believe that all people are equal and have the right to live the kind of life you want as do the violators should have no right to commit these unruly acts of wrong. Who are we to judge others? The bible states that “Do unto other as her would have others others do unto you” (Matthew 7:12, standard version) I believe that it not good to judge others due to their behaviors such sexual orientation, physical/mental disability.
In this essay, I swim against the predominant anti-relativistic philosophical tide. My minimal aim is to discuss the relativism descriptively I will suggest that the source of culture
Degeneracy, the fact of relativism has an impact according to the culture that is deeply life affirming And I shall suggest that far from being a source of cultural degeneracy, the fact of relativism has the potential to ground a culture that is deeply life-affirming.

Cross cultural business ethics
Ethics is something that is talked about across the world bearing in mind that things that are illegal are unethical actually believes are known in individual system of knowing what is right and wrong and basically making the right decision ethics vary from one person to the other business are expected to have good ethics so to have customer loyalty in the actual sence with in a business there are mixture of different ethics, this is why important to have good employees in a work place it very important that you ensure good communication with work mate and close and effective relationship ethic is not just talking the right thing, but also doing the right thing at the right time and making the right decision
              Social responsibility includes social behavior in general, how business cannot afford
Run it process if it can’t manage a good payoff to its clients in the market, however many businesses are likely to lose this because of bad social responsibility some who try to argue that
Social responsibility is shown when a companies go beyond what is option by trying to create benefit to people this is done b y initiating some good to clients motivating it employees at work this kind of business should focus on what they are good in and give back what they can. Very good example of good social behaviors involves up with projects that involves raising funds to cater for needy people, requiring workers to volunteer within the community, many innumerable ethnical dilemmas that may arise with the business premise some are obvious while some are obscure. Business should operate in a way that the activities within the business should be legal, ethical, and profitable within the social norms, Perspective By being within social norms means that you need to use society to measure if your decisions are appropriate.

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