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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

“New World: Here We Come” - Domestic Issues

Question 1
1. Categorical knowing refers to how perceptions are based according to an individual. They always perceived as per the categories to which they belong socially. Generally therefore, there is always a perception by people towards thinking that there are certain characteristics that are specific to some social groups. In the essay titled “New World: Here We Come” there seems to be some instances of alluding sexuality and race to subjects considered as non-human.
2. The unclear un-indented use of minorities especially in films includes the fact that these children would soon start associating the real life out there with these characteristic. Ultimately, the children might end up applying whatever it is that they saw in the film and hence will see it as the normal.
3. Some of the Disney films could act as good examples. One such is Bolt....
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