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Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Objectives for the case study
To help the company achieve the newly drafted targets, the following objectives have been formulated for a case study that will provide crucial information about the planned expansion:
q  To determine the extent of the economic deep in the target market and the possible causatives e.g. natural calamities like earthquakes
q  To determine the most affected sectors of their economy before deploying the product into this market
q  To come up with possible market structure before launching the product in the new market

The major activities required to achieve the objectives
q  Conduct a survey on the target region to establish the economic strengths of the residents and current consumption patterns.
q  Prepare samples for this market based on the findings of the initial survey.
q  Correct feedbacks from the sample population about the pricing, packaging, flavors and/or sizes.
q  After successfully completing the initial market analyses, the company can start producing and supplying the new market with the products. However, production should be gradual to avoid losses emanating from over production.
Sequences required for those activities
q  Preparation of a survey questionnaire (based on market characteristics).
q  Conducting the initial survey.
q  Analysis of results from the survey.
q  Prepare formula/brand that will suite the market
q  Distribute samples in the target region \tart producing specific brands for the new market. The production should be based on the findings from the feedbacks received from the sampling process
The tasks above were necessary in the following fronts:
The initial survey is paramount because no previous statics about the market can be relied upon. Also, the country’s economic status is complex with very little information being relayed from economic analysts.
A critical analysis of data from the survey should be done to establish the consumption patterns in the region. Results from the analysis will help the production department in designing specific brands for the market.
After ascertaining that the market is suitable, based on the findings of both surveys the production lines can be increased, altered or more machined be installed to increase production. 
Some of the required resources are:
q  Human resource- people to conduct the surveys
q  Material - raw material for production of samples and to be used in the final production.
q  Finance- to equip the company with additional machines (if need be), buying of raw materials for production and financing the survey.
The Schedule of event time line is as shown below 
q  Sixteen weeks ahead: Conduct the initial survey
q  Fourteen weeks ahead: Manufacturing of sample products
q  Twelve weeks ahead: Correction of feedbacks from the target population
q  Seven weeks ahead: Buying new machines to boost the current production or preparation of new production lines
q  Six weeks ahead: Buying of additional raw material depending on the preferences of the population
q  Three weeks ahead: Production for the new market
q  Two weeks ahead: Distribution of the products to the market

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