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Thursday, 18 April 2013

High Speed Internet

Internet, one of the most important inventions of the 20th century, is the interconnection of computer networks globally. Internet speeds have increased from very low speed to high speed internet access available today. It usage has been skyrocketing in the recent years. From about 10 million users in 1992 to a number that is estimated to be 2 billion today is an enormous growth. Available services on the internet have also increased tremendously since its inception. Normally, internet is used for sending documents and passing information quickly. But the available platforms for passing information have grown considerably especially with high speed internet. Communication around the world has also received major boosts from high speed internet connection as people can converse flawlessly on the World Wide Web.
Computer Processors
Like many other inventions, internet has been evolving over the years. Its growth especially in speed has been propagated by the interest it attracted from different quotas. High speed internet requirements are a priority for many institutions and government departments. High speed internet is now needed by the military to pass crucial information and sometimes search for coincidences from databases located in different parts of the world. The same process took many hours a few years ago. Growth in the speed of the internet has also been boosted developments in computer processor speeds. Slow processing speeds meant that accessing information located in certain sectors of a computer/server would naturally take a few minutes. If a few several queries were run concurrently in the same computer, results would take several minutes to be published and sometime the output would indicate server inaccessibility. High speed internet was not possible with slow processing speeds. Many computer manufacturers have managed to build powerful processors and even assemble several processors that can work concurrently in the same computer. This has meant that query processing is prompt which in turn has translated into high speed internet.
Data cables designs have also improved considerably. From bulky and low efficiency cables to small gauge cables efficient cables, the speed of transmitting data across the cables has improved greatly. Compound cabling has also meant that a single cable can be used by different companies at the same time to transfer different information.
High speed internet has boosted United Nations quest to open up isolated and remote regions around the world. With high speed internet, people with different cultural heritages can share and eventually smother out any primitive practices in their communities. High speed internet has also boosted labor problems by providing alternatives from all over the world. Companies have eliminated some hiring problems for jobs that can be done remotely. Jobs of little consequences but with employee turnovers are now done online. Instead on hiring people and housing them, companies are now employing experts from different parts of the world that accomplish the required services at lesser costs.
The numbers of services that are accessible with high speed internet have also increased. High speed internet is convenient as it enables people to access applications, music, movies and other downloads at low costs. High speed internet is also secure as people can now transfer confidential information and money through secure websites. Although internet is a brilliant invention, high speed internet should be a priority for everyone.

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