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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

domestic violence especially wife battering doesn’t exist

Agency Description: In one paragraph, describe your proposed organization, agency, program, or community mission and vision.  Be sure to identify the sector in which your proposed organization is classified.  In addition, identify your organization’s target population and total number of clients or participants.
Living in the 21st century one might be tempted to think that domestic violence especially wife battering doesn’t exist. It was after I read about a case of wife battering that I decided to dig into this topic deeper with the aim f establishing the extent of the problem. I worked on my own for about six months; mainly studying in the library and perusing every social and family periodical to establish the depth of the challenge. During this short spell of time I noticed that there are very many cases go without attacking the attention of the media and even those that hit the headlines are not magnified to such magnitudes as to raise eyebrows. With economic recession and elections campaigns it’s difficult to notice a burnt house and an injured wife after domestic squabbles. It was another turning point in my life. I realized that I had to do something about the situation, but the greatest problem was that I didn’t know where to start. I am just a student with just basic knowledge on domestic legislations and very little finances. Alone couldn’t have made any progress, I had to look for other people to partner with. I request five of my classmates that seemed responsible and willing to work under the same umbrella and in the same course. We also sort for support from a few lawyers and other civil servants. After were sure that our group had representation in all necessary fronts we looked for general members to increase quorum as civil groups are known to cause action due to the magnitudes and motives.
We set up an organization aimed at addressing women rights in domestic steps, children protection and enlighten populace on the need to empower women in the society. Our organization was classified under equal protection law.

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