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Friday, 5 April 2013

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is an essay that gives a story.  It is usually a reflection of the authors thoughts, values or feelings captured in a story. This could include a past event, a person the author remembers or a reflection of the present.  The author could also narrate an experience of someone else such as a friend or a parent.

            Narrative essays have a couple of salient qualities. For starters, the essay is usually about recreation of memories or experiences. This should be done in a captivating way so as to hook the reader.  Secondly, the narrative essay allows one to use the first person narration.  This is unlike the other essay types that prohibit the use of “we, me or I.”  The main reason for this is because the essay is usually about as personal story or experience. The other important quality of the narrative essay is the fact that the essay usually outlines the main idea gotten form the experience.
            When writing a narrative essay, it is recommended that the writer should clearly outline the different segments of the essay on the outline page. This will help the reader to follow the narration. The writer should then vividly describe the event he has chosen to write about as opposed to merely telling what happened. Descriptive language like similes and metaphors is used to achieve this. The use of sensory phrases is also used as a way of making the reader feel part of the story.
            Lastly, it is imperative that the writer asks himself whether the essay he has done manages to recreate the experience he wanted recreate for his reader. This may lead the writer to add more descriptive language and phrases to the essay. The rule of thumb in writing about your experience is that while there are many things that are obvious and therefore unnecessary to you, they may not be obvious to your reader and it pays to explain them well.

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