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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Effective Green Energy Solutions

The issue of global warming has attracted numerous debates on ways of combating it. Seminars, conferences and retreats have been held all of them crusading for green energy. There are several Effective Green Energy Solutions that can be used to save our atmosphere from further destruction. Most of these energy solutions are readily available and can be used as cheaper energy sources alternatives by everyone.  One of the most effective sources is the Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels.Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels
Solar PV panels are ideal energy converters that can be used both for small scale and even for feeding national/regional grids. These panels convert solar irradiation to electric energy that can be streamed to homes and/factories through power cables. The energy production by the solar PV panels is only limited by the size of the panel(s) installed and the amount of solar irradiation incident in the region of exposure.
Most domestic energy requirements range from small to moderate and can be fed by media size solar PV panels. To distribute electric power to a larger population from solar PV panel, large installations have to be availed and sometimes equipped with MPPT for enhanced efficiency. Distribution of the electric power is then left to the local authorities. If small panels are installed for domestic consumption, several can be stringed together to provide enough energy for household use.Advantages of Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels
Solar PV panels come bundled with numerous advantages. Installation is per energy requirement; which means a client will only pay for accurate energy requirement installations. Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels' experts can give accurate quotations so that a client receives optimum value for his/her money.
Solar PV panels are Effective Green Energy Solutions. The energy from the panels is odorless and does not smoke. Being none pollutant means that the panels are friendly to our environment and can effectively be used to combat global warming. Most materials used in the manufacture of the panels can also be safely disposed or recycled which means that manufacture of such panels also does not lead to soil, bio or atmospheric degradation.
Energy from solar PV panels can structured according to the immediate need. Installations of panels are made when energy demand arises. This means that the panels can be used as energy back up where other sources of energy such as hydro electric power (HEP), nuclear power sources, and coal powered grids fail to reach energy targets. Breakdowns in other energy centers might be difficult to correct and solar energy sources can be instrumental when such problems occur.
The fact that solar irradiation is distributed far and wide, i.e. different geographical regions receive radiation but with varying intensity, means that energy from solar irradiation can be tapped from almost everywhere on the planet. The cost of energy; from installation to distribution is relatively lower compared to other energy sources.
Although electric power production from solar PV panels is low as compared to other sources of electric power, the convenience that accompanies the panels cannot be overlooked.

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