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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Marketing Analysis

Inferences made from the survey based on loyal customers of Savory Seafoods Distributors indicate that the company’s sales and marketing strategies are on course. But in reality the company’s growth and market expansion have stagnated for some time now. Although fish supply has limited by environmental conditions, demand for its products should not be affected. The company should always have alternative marketing strategies that will enable its products to continue growing in the market.

Most of the questions that were asked during the survey received favorable responses from the audience but the weighted average for all survey questions indicate that the level of satisfaction was not all “very fine”. With a mode of 9 and a weighted average of 7 it means the number of respondents that indicated a level of satisfaction below 6 was considerably high. The survey question that received the poorest response happened to be the most crucial question in this survey; when the respondents were asked to indicate in a range of 1 to 10 their willingness to refer another person to buy Savory Seafoods products, majority of the respondents indicated 8 and the weighted average was 7.02. If we can extrapolate the inferences by assuming the responses were evenly distributed, we find that the number of persons whose response was below 5.
The technique used in this survey was structured in such a way that it would produce favorable results.  To start with, setting 1 as dissatisfaction and the rest as satisfaction ideally did not favor the survey results. In order to get more accurate figures based on growth and sales of the company’s products, an alternative survey should be conducted. The target group should be composed of new and old customers; the new survey will help the company know the weakness in their marketing strategies and it will be possible to alter their manufacturing process, brand names, packing or distribution systems as per the finding of the survey. Another survey is essential because the first survey suggests marketing and sales are on course but in reality the company’s growth is creeping.

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