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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hyphenated Americans

The history of the Jews is both tainted with violence and battles, and also decorated with glories and successes. Jews-Americans history runs deep into the history of the United States of America; the presence of Jews in the American societies can be traced back to the colonial era. The era preceding 1820s, Jews population in America was scattered in such regions South Carolina and Charleston. The bulk of Jews-Americans arrived in North America from other European countries in early years of 19th century. The Jews constituted about 4 percent of the American population in 1945; this was as a result of influx from Eastern Europe after World War II. The portion of the Jews-Americans however decreased with time as the war around most parts of Europe subdued and peace once again prevailed. Currently, the population of Jews-Americans is about five million; which is under two percent of the Americas population (Hasia 2004).

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