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Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to use facebook

Facebook is the most popular online social network in the world. For several years, the Facebook team has been transforming the social network to make it a preferred network for everyone. Initially Facebook offered few options through which individuals could communicate but today, the social network have many different platforms through which companies, organizations, families and individuals have been adequately connected.Signing Up To get connected with friends and groups on Facebook, you need to first sign up. Opening a new account is very easy and doesn’t require a lot of information. You can either use your mobile phone number or email address as the primary key to your account, then you will be prompted for a password and date of birth. You may opt to enter other details that will be requested. You can also upload your photo for ease of identification. By displaying your personal information, other Facebook users can know you and request to be your friends on Facebook. Individual accounts help users on the network to connect with each other. Facebook has helped many people find their old friends through various connections and networks. Facebook PagesFacebook team has established customizable pages. A Facebook page can only be opened by an individual with an account in the network. Facebook pages are versatile and a page administrator has can use various options to customize their pages to reflect his/her organization image. Companies can use Facebook pages to establish their online presence by getting many likes to their pages. Through Facebook pages, companies can provide helpful information, news and updates to their online communities. Through Facebook pages companies can market and sell their products. By providing information about available products it is possible for companies to optimize their sales. Interested buyers can then follow links attached to Facebook posts for more information on various products.

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