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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

language political essay- how to tame wild tongues

Purpose: To complete a sustained study with research into rhetoric and the social construction of language. To learn techniques for research and information literacy. To practice the writing process. To explore how language affects thinking. Instructions: We have been reflecting on rhetoric and the social construction of language: how language constitutes reality; how language affects thinking; how language helps to frame our perspectives and shape our beliefs. Language is not neutral—it always reflects the ideology of the culture that surrounds it. Now, you will complete original research about the significance of language and how language constructs beliefs or attitudes about a particular subject. You are essentially performing a rhetorical analysis. You may pick any topic as long as your thesis focuses on how language affects thinking, beliefs, and attitudes. Here are some ideas and examples: how language perpetuates bigotry (racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, able%u2010body%u2010ism, and so on); the causes, effects, and significance of “blending” languages (code%u2010switching, Spanglish, Black Vernacular English); how media shapes our perceptions of news and entertainment; how language relates to stereotypes; Bilingual education and English%u2010Only policies; censorship, speech codes, and the First Amendment; how language affects politics, policy, and government; what is propaganda and how is it effective; language, framing, and advertising; identity and language (gender, race, ethnicity, class, citizenship status); how language constructs a particular news story; language and technology; word etymology and history. These are all just suggestions: again, you may pick any topic, as long as your thesis argues that language affects ideology, beliefs, and attitudes. You are expected to include references to relevant assigned readings from the course, as well as perform original research. You must include at least 6 sources: one book, one scholarly journal article, one credible website, one reference to a class reading or lecture, and two sources of your choosing. I chose the topic "Language reflects Culture". And please use the FOUR sources 1. the Korean Air story of "Outlier" by Gladwell 2. "Arts of the Contact zone" by Pratt 3. "The Classroom and the. Wider Culture: Identity as a Key to. Learning English Composition" by Shen, Fen 4. "How to tame a wild tongue" by gloria anzaldua. And two more any sources. And explain how different between asian and western language and how the differences influence the culture.

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