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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I need a research methodology done

My literature review is based on employee loyalty. My research methodology is quite similar to what I am sending you. The copy that I am sending is based on “identified motivational factors and travel activities of the international students in the UK” I will be attaching a similar type of methodology. Please proceed accordingly. BUT PLEASE DO NOT PLAGARISE ITS THE CONTINUATION OF RESEARCH METHODOLOGY INTRODUCTION Research philosophy (700 words) 1. UNDER STANDING OF RESEARCH PHILOSOPHY 2. WHY IT IS CONSIDERED 3. TWO TYPES ACCORDING TO easterby-smith etal (2002) POSITIVISM AND PHENOMENOLOGY (INTERPRETIVISM) 4. ELABORATE TWO TYPES 5. WHERE THEY ARE MUCH PREFERED 6. CHANNEL IT DOWN TO QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE APPROACH RESEARCH APPROACH (400 WORDS) 1. TWO TYPES DEDUCTIVE AND INDUCTIVE 2. Elaborate deductive and inductive 3. RELATES BOTH WITH POSITIVISM AND PHENOMENOLOGY Data collection method Secondary data (400 words) Primary data (600 words) Sampling (400 words) Data collection process (450 words) Analysis of data ( 150 words ) Reliability and validity (250 words) Ethical issue (200 words) Research limitation (250 words)
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