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Sunday, 21 July 2013

A systems development company, IdeV, has won a contract to build a new online room booking system for a large corporation in the centre of Bristol

A systems development company, IdeV, has won a contract to build a new online room booking system for a large corporation in the centre of Bristol. IdeV has assigned six of its best graduate developers to this project and IdeV is charging £600/day for each developer’s work and £1200/person for any fixed cost activities (such as waiting for confirmations). The project manager at IdeV has drawn up the task list provided in Appendix 1 after the initial consultation with the client. The project manager wishes to initiate the project on Monday, 17 June 2013.

The project manager has already taken on another development project to start on Monday 9 September 2013 so needs this project to be finished at the latest by Friday 6 September, but the earlier the better. A demonstration of the prototype system is required, before the project team can complete the development. The final system also has to be signed off by the client after a complete demonstration. The project manager has already approached the client about the process of development and has agreed to use JRP (joint requirements planning) and JAD (joint application design) workshops as two of the main methods to ensure end user participation with the development team. The client also requires documentation of the development and will only sign off (confirm delivery) when they have received this report on the development.

The client also acknowledges that such a new online system will require some re-evaluation of their employees’ skills and may lead to new recruitment of staff and retraining of current staff. IdeV needs to ensure that all such retraining and skill needs are identified and defined, but not necessarily supplied by IdeV, before the project ends.

You are required to compile the project management documentation which is needed to plan and monitor this systems development project. The overall cost of the development team resources needs to be calculated and fixed or daily cost identified to the client. You also need to ensure the plan can be achieved with only the resources given i.e. the six IdeV staff allocated to this team. Levelling of resources may be required from their earliest start times and where this is needed you must make such adjustments clear by showing the unlevelled chart and a table of changes made. Levelling due to resource constraints must not reduce estimated activity effort i.e. the number of man-days estimated by the project manager in Appendix 1.

Having levelled the cascade bar chart to ensure that the project has sufficient resources of staff to complete the project on time, the project manager immediately realises that two of the six staff need to be away from the team for a complete week each (Monday to Friday) for annual leave, but this need not necessarily happen at the same time. The project manager needs to inform these two staff before the project starts which weeks he can release them for their holiday and you need to show how the project manager will need to adjust the schedule with such additional constraints on the project resources.
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