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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Emerging issues for improving the health of older adults

the paper should incorporate Emerging issues for improving the health of older adults include efforts to:
Coordinate care.
Help older adults manage their own care.
Establish quality measures.
Identify minimum levels of training for people who care for older adults.
Research and analyze appropriate training to equip providers with the tools they need to
meet the needs of older adults living with chronic disease such as Dementia, Alzheimer, mental health challenges
Resources needed by unpaid caregiver
Expectations for the assignment:
• Briefly summarize the issue in no more than two pages must use literature to substantiate why this is an issue.
• Discuss and critically analysis how three concepts from the course that you identify as being most important in resolving the issue (at least two page for each concept).
• Describe and reflect on the impact this assignment has had on you (needs to be quite detailed so at least one page).
• Depth of analysis is essential, so be careful to explore each area.
Also, use headings and subheadings for coherence and flow of ideas.
Literatures about dementia, issues on caregivers, what are the effects of an individual suffering from dementia, kindly incorporate three concepts like are the demented elderly prone to falls, elderly abuse, and retirement and assisted living. Put arguments, introduction, subheadings, in APA format, no plagiarism please as my professor has her own plagiarism software checker. Please provide 10 scholarly online peer reviewed journals, from 2008 and up, references should match the content/phrased being referenced. I hope my paper instructions are followed.
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