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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Description of the earlier Meso-American civilizations

This assignment is a whole collection of journals. each page is a different topic that is given below. also each page will need one source and is to give basic info about the topic. Journal Topics 1.Find three well know World Historians and discuss their significance. 2.The background module of this chapter describes earlier Meso-American civilizations. Moving to a more modern epoch choose two of the following four: Aztec Warfare Pyramids of the Sun and Moon [Near Mexico-City] Mayan Astronomy OR Hieroglyphics Nazca Lines 3.Write an early history of South Asia—[Mohenjodaro and Harrappa]. DO NOT use your text. If using the web—be sure to cite the web site. Your essay should be a summary in your own words. 4.Discuss China’s varied Geographical distribution. 5.Discuss the Battle of Salamis as a turning point in World History. 6.Cite Reasons For the Collapse of the Roman Empire. Can we draw any parallels today for the Western World? OR Compare/contrast legacies of Imperial Han and Imperial Rome. 7.Discuss Life on an Early Medieval Manor. 8.Discuss Militant Islam Today. 9.Discuss Sub-Saharan Geography. 10.Almaty: Kazakhstan: Write a short biography of this Eurasian city on the Steppe and along the Silk Route. 11.Discuss the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. How was warfare changed as a result of this? battle. 12.Write a biography of one great Incan Ruler.

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