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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

BOOK ANALYSIS Book: Future of Success by Robert B Reich

Class Book: Resolving Conflicts at Work by Cloke & Goldsmith. (Include references from this book) • Answer 3 questions: 1. WHAT is the theme, message or focus of the book you selected from the Approved Reading List as it relates to conflict in the workplace? 2. SO WHAT is it about that theme, message or focus that relates to your own experiences and/or beliefs or causes you to identify (or not identify) with the type of conflicts discussed in the book? 3. NOW WHAT do you believe you and/or others should/could do, if anything, in response to how you identify (or fail to identify) with the type of conflicts discussed in the book? FORMAT FOR BOTH PAPERS - The paper should be written in first person • Double-space content pages and use easy-to-read, black 12 font type. • Use a cover page on each paper. Include the course name, your name, a contact phone number and email address. Also indicate whether the paper is the Book Analysis or the Final Exam. • Number each page and staple them. DO NOT paper clip, dog-ear, or use a folder. • All papers are due the Saturday of our last class meeting.

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