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Thursday, 18 April 2013

IO Cable

<p>io cables, also known as input/output cables are used for transfer of data between two or more devices. io cables can be used for transferring data from a camera (digital) to a pc, external drives to pc, iPods to pc, etc. Although io cable have greatly been replaced by wifi and Bluetooth technologies, it is still very applicable in many set ups that use both technologies.</p>
<p>There are many people around the world that are not acquainted to modern wireless technologies and still prefer the io cables for their day to day data transfers. Although many modern electronic devices come with Bluetooth and/or wireless options, there are still devices that use io cables exclusively for data transfers. Many iPods and digital camera manufacturers are yet to introduce devices that can use wifi and Bluetooth technologies. The fact that these devices are very popular around the world makes io cables a relevant technology around the globe.</p>
<b>io Design</b>
<p>Thunderbolt technology has enabled manufacture and distribution of various io cables. Data transfer speed is the main design parameter that dictates other design requirements. The purpose to be served by the io cable is paramount as under or over designing of these important tools of data transfer can be costly to both the manufacturing company and the final consumers.</p>
<p>io cables vary widely; from io cables that are capable of transferring several megabytes of data to cables that can transfer gigabytes of data and even cache data for several minutes. Thunderbolt technology allows for chaining of daisy device, bidirectional transfer of data, power-over-cable, optical cables, etc.</p>
<b>Requirements of io Cable</b>
<p>io cables vary in design. There are simple io cables that are simply used for transfer of data between two electronic devices. Such cables are only for one directional transfer of data. Bidirectional io cables on the other hand are used for transferring data in either direction of the electronic devices. These cables are however specific in their applications and cannot be used beyond the purposes which they are specified for. There are other types of cables that are used for multi-functions and transferring of data in different directions and to varying number of devices. These cables are a bit complex and sometimes require installation in order to be used in the devices that they are meant to be used with.</p>
<p>Before using any io cables it is advisable to check for user manual that bare information on how and where specific cables are used. Negligence and failure to follow provided directions can damage electronic devices.</p>
<p>There are many io cable manufacturers that produce various qualities of cables. It is advisable to buy high quality io cables because it does not only save money in the long run but also ensures that your devices are safe. Poor quality cables can waste time as break down in data transfer is like to be regular. Data losses can also result when a poor quality cable is used.</p>
<p>Although, there are many options open to anyone it can be conclusively declared that for transfer of data between electronic devices, io cables remain the basic and most important option.</p>

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