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Saturday, 18 January 2014

New Method for improving Emirial Mode Decomposition

Project description
My thesis is about [smoothing Empirical Mode Decomposition] ..i reached half of it but i cant continue and i need my work in 7 days. My work is depends on improving the EMD method by eliminating the dependency on cubic spline by using like one of smoothing techniques or other methods ,....
Its will be [15-20 pages + MATLAB CODES]
I need to add those steps to be in the EMD & the new EMD work :
1- EMD is a decomposition method , so i need to see the IMF's which form the signal in separate plots .. same thing for our method EMD ..

2- I need to make a comparison between each step from both method, meaning , the first IMF from the EMD with the first IMF from newEMD in same plot and so on to check the differences ..

3- calculate the error for both methods and proving our method is better ..

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