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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Comparative Essay on the movies: Pan’s Labyrinth/Run Lola Run/Rashomon/Vantage Point

Project description
To what degree do the films (Pan’s Labyrinth/Run Lola Run/Rashomon/Vantage Point) effectively utilise the use of narrative structure, in order to highlight implicit meanings?

Points to Remember
• Answer the question
• Compare point by point, rather than film by film
• Include the directors’ intention and the effect on the audience
• Utilise filmic language in your response
• Refer to other related filmic elements, which contribute to the overall effect of the narrative structure (mis-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound, lighting, acting, etc)
• You may include reference to social/historical contexts
• You may include reference to the views of others’ viewpoints
• Be sure to appropriately site any source materials you employ
• Be sure your response meets the assessment criteria
• Use the present tense when employing textual evidence
• Avoid the use of the personal pronoun I
• Utilise appropriate transitions between points

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