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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Quiz 3-Project Communications Management

Please adhere to the following guidance to optimize your space: â​¢ Please adhere to the page length and slide numbers indicated in each question.
Additionally, include a cover page and reference page; content beyond these specifications will be omitted from grading consideration â​¢ Submit entire quiz as one Word file: copy slides from PPT into Word, or compose slides in Word Suggestions for success: â​¢ Both quality and completeness of responses are important â​¢ Thoughtful responses that integrate material across sources, show critical thinking skills, and go beyond copying what is found in the textbooks are most highly compensated â​¢ Every response must utilize relevant citations from this semesterâ​s assigned readings â​¢ References are to be listed alphabetically on one page at the end of your quiz using APA format â​¢ This is an open book quiz, and you may use any and
all materials assigned in class. Other academic quality resources may be used to supplement, but not in place of, citing our assigned readings; outside research is not needed or required â​¢ As for any quiz/exam, your written answers and analysis must be your own: no sharing with anyone/ no copying from any other source/ no discussion of quiz or quiz answers with other current or former students â​¢ Proofread your final responses for format, grammar, sentence structure, and conciseness before submission, and REVISE as many times as needed to make it say what you mean
 Q1. (one page)
If you were managing a project with a globally dispersed team that includes some members who use English as a second language, how would you ensure that e-mail messages are being correctly understood by all team members? Explain in detail two distinct methods to do this, and explain how/why each approach would be effective in preventing mis-communications. *Include support from Engleberg & Wynn and PMBOK Guide in your response.
limit for Q3 is one page.

Q2. (maximum 8 slides) As a part of â​developing your project team,â​ you have been developing a series of training slide presentations as training for your team on the topic of â​Project level negotiations and negotiation skills.â​ Previous slide presentations have explained integrative and distributive negotiations and provided examples of when each would be used. Your next presentation will explain â​negotiation preparation.â​ As your quiz response, develop a short slide presentation of around 6 slides that will provide a useful lesson to your team on negotiation preparation. In at least one slide, address the question of whether preparation is the same or different when planning for pie-slicing versus win-win. Support is required for this response: Include support/citations as footnotes on slides where needed. Submit quiz as one Word file: copy slides from PPT into Word, or compose slides in Word

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