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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Informal social networks in avoiding or moving on from homelessness?

I need someone to write my 4000 word 'literature review chapter' and 4000 word 'methodology chapter' for my dissertation as I am going round in circles with no time left. My dissertation question is "How important are informal social networks in avoiding and moving on from homelessness?" When I quote'informal social networks' I am referring to family and friends support and influence, looking at it holistically ie from a psychological, sociological, economic, equality, inclusion, personalisation,physical and mental health etc point of view as many homeless have multi complex needs that need addressing and/or assisting for a positive and long-term resettlement. From my experience so far there are pro and cons of informal support depending on whether they are a good or bad influence but most reports written describe that family and friends have a big influence on pathway out of homelessness.
My main focus will be Scottish homelessness. Scotland law is different from UK and other countries law and this difference needs to be reflected within my chapters. Under Scottish law no one should be homeless in Scotland due to present Acts but holding on to that home is another debate and one I will be focusing on.
From up-to-date figures from the Scottish gov - breakdown in relationships is the largest reason for homelessness. I am hoping once passed by ethic to ask approximately 30 service users who are receiving housing support from third sector providers in a semi-rural (Ayrshire) and urban (Glasgow) to complete a questionnaire on their views and experiences on informal support on their pathway out of homelessness and maintaining a home compared to just formal support. I am also hoping to send a questionnaire to some Scottish councils to ask their views on informal social networks and whether they consider this when offering housing ie do they try to offer housing near family an friends at the service users request or is it not taken into consideration? Do they offer mediation, befriending or mentoring support alongside 'daily living' support? etc etc
In each chapter there must be subheading. These I will leave for us to discuss once all literature is found and will be open to suggestions. As already stated I am basing by dissertation on Scottish service users own personal experiences of homelessness and law so this is a must be reflected within choosing what methodology/research design I use, however,I do need to include UK laws/reports and other countries reports to compare against/discuss. I would like definitions on 'Homelessness' and 'informal social network' to be included. I would additionally like included the following reports 'Rock Trust- BEYOND HOMELESSNESS FINAL REPORT 2013'(a great read on my chosen subject and foundation for dissertation); 'Groundswell - the escape plan report'; 'Shelter Scotland'(there are several reports written by them); 'The FOR-Home Study - moves to independent living 2011'; 'Pathe Project Simon Community - Crossing the Continuum understanding routes out of homelessness and examining what works final report 2005' and at least one or two from other organisations such as Task Force Scotland, Homeless Link etc as well as other reports and journal reports etc from the UK and abroad within my literature review. I am advised that there should be at least minimum of 10 literature research reports within my literature chapter. Additionally, I would like somewhere in the literature review some thing on the Scottish Government latest homeless figures. I am sure there are other questions that need answering but I feel this is better on a one to one bases with the chosen writer once allocated to me as they will want to clarify things with me as I do not know at this stage what they need from me as I have never used this service before.

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