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Monday, 20 January 2014

Essay, Engineering and Construction questions

1)Two types of patents are:  _____________________________ which protects the appearance or ornamental nature of a design, and ___________________________ which protects the design and technical features of a product.
2)The typical time limit of an utility patent is _______________ years.
3)The contents of a text book are typically protected using a:
d)Trade Secret
4)A finite element analysis (FEA) code is a computer program used to:
a)Perform fluid flow analysis
b)Create virtual models of parts
c)Analyze stress and thermal distributions in parts
d)Solve complicated mathematical problems
5)Which of the following software packages is not a CAD program:
c)CREO Elements – Pro/E
6)The part of a formal report that is used to present a concise summary of the project, including an overview of the results is called the _____________________.  (HINT:  It is typically located immediately after the cover page of the report.)
7)A _________ ___________ is typically used to document day-to-day design activities related to a project.  It is permanently bound, and acts as a personal journal of the person engaged in the engineering activities.
8)If a drawing is prepared at true scale, one inch on the drawing sheet would equal _______ inch on the actual part.
9)GD&T is an acronym for ________________________ ____________________ & ___________________.
The element of a contract that promises a good or service in return for one is called 

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