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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

(Exploratory Essay and annotated bibliography): Are smartphones making us anti-social

You have identified a very interesting topic to discuss, and you have a good start with your sources. 
Here are some tips to guide you has you continue writing:
1.      The two Sutter articles are interesting choices.  Since he wrote the second one almost as a retraction to the first one, you need to think about how these two columns work together and how you might discuss them in your final researched argument.
  In an exploratory essay like this, it is important to both report some of the findings of your sources, as you did, but also to react to those findings.  I am not sure how this research has affected your views on the issue, or how you feel this research might answer your research question.  After you quote the sources, you should discuss your reactions to that information.
3.      You need to identify an audience for your final researched argument.  Who might be interested in this topic?  Remember, it needs to be a group that could fit into one room.
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