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Monday, 20 January 2014

Building Conservation Analysis - UoL Engineering Building

Project description
Ø Review building brief /10 - summary of the use of the building (Some documents on Bb to help)
Ø Understand original aims / 10 - What were the reasons for the design
Ø Review of material use/ 10 - What materials were chosen and why (remember this is a materials course make sure you focus on the properties of the materials)
Ø Identify material limitations / 10 - Why did the materials fail and what are the structural implications (Ditto)
Ø Discussion of renovation / 10 - Review the methods of conservation detailed in the tender documents.
In each category
8+ Made excellent use of material supplied and also used extensive use of external resources.
7 Made very good summaries of the information and some use of external documents.
6 Useful summaries of the information provided but limited work outside the visit.
5 Basic summary of the material provided.
4 Significant analysis is missing but otherwise factually correct.
3- Factually incorrect material.
This is the term paper for a module called "the science of material conservation" taught in the Chemistry department as part of an MSc in Urban Conservation. The questions above are about the engineering building in the University of Leicester. Students were given the tender papers and some other documentation regarding this specific conservation case, all attached. The questions above are what is required, following them is the marking scheme.

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