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Thursday, 23 January 2014


1.    Create a set of use cases for a dentist office system.
Use the following...
Use Case Description
Use Case Name: Patient makes or changes an appointment
ID: _1_
Importance Level: High
Primary Actor: Patient
Short Description: This describes how a new appointment is made or an existing appointment is changed.

Trigger: Patient calls to schedule new appointment or change an existing appointment.
Type:   External / Temporal      
Major Inputs:
Description                                           Source

________________________    ___________
________________________    ___________
________________________    ___________
________________________    ___________
________________________    ___________
________________________    ___________

Major Outputs:
Description                                        Destination

_______________________   ____________ _______________________   ____________ _______________________   ____________ _______________________   ____________
_______________________   ____________

Major Steps Performed

Information for Steps

CHAPTER 5  (4.5 points)
2.    Draw a level 0 data flow diagram (DFD) for the dentist office system in Question 1, Chapter 4.

3.    Define what is meant by an attribute in a data model. How should an attribute be named? What information about an attribute should be stored in the CASE repository?  (2 points)

4.    What is the purpose of normalization? (2 points)

5.    Describe how the data model and process model should be balanced against each other. (2 points)

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