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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Designed interior space (Interior design)

Please identify a designed interior space of your choice. This can be a public or private space.
You will then document, research and analyse the design practice and its organisation in a case study of 1500 words.
Follow the guidelines below and discuss your chosen practise with your tutors.
  • Please choose a space that clearly demonstrates design input. Ideally it should be a place you are familiar with or that appeals to you.
  • Remember this essay is about the relationship between design practice and the outside world. It is not an aesthetic/formal/design analysis of the designed space.
  • Make sure that the practice is established and there is adequate documentation of the designed space. Look everywhere-Books, journals, television, film etc.
  • Investigate the roles and responsibilities of the individuals involved in the design process. Who does what?
  • Look at the design philosophy/mission statement of the practice and analyse its implications. Does the space fulfil the users requirements? How do its users feel?
  • Locate the professional bodies that it subscribes to and their code of conducts. How des it translate these in everyday practice?
  • Research and analyse the clients that they work for. Who is the client and what are their expectations. How does the design respond to these expectations?
  • Investigate the various professions that the designers need to co-ordinate their work with such at Engineers, Consultants eg. Lighting, contractors, craftsmen, regulatory bodies etc. How do they work together?
  • Look at the selection of the materials making the space. What are they and where do they come from? What is the environmental impact of these?
  • Does the practice have an equal opportunities policy and if so how does this translate in their everyday work culture?
  • What chain of decisions enabled the design to take concrete form?
  • How long will this space last, what will happen to the materials when the
Please evaluate these findings under the theme of ethics. It is not enough to describe what you have observed. Reflect on your observations. Create an impression of the practise for yourself and question the relationship between its aims and the results of their everyday practice. Make suggestions.
Your Case study should contain the following:
  • Include Images and text, with a clear description of the image.
  • The case study should follow the required format- Abstract / Introduction / Methodology / Research / Findings / Analysis and Discussion / Conclusion /.
  • Read widely and document texts relating to the study in a bibliography at the end
  • Always mention the sources of your information and reference particular sections used in your text in the footnote.

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