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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Case Study Analysis: A real-life situation

Pages 289-290 of the core text Book Objective and the outcomes of the Assignment 1. To assess the knowledge of the subject matter related to business ethics covered in the course. 2. To assess the student understanding of the analysis of case study. 3. Ability to take ethical decisions in tough business situations. ï​¼ Answer three questions mentioned in the case study â​A Real Life situationâ​. Page 289-290 of the text: Ferrell, O.C.; Freadrich, J.; and Ferrell, L. Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases, Seventh Edition, Houghton Mifflin Company, New York. 2008 ï​¼ Submit your work individually ï​¼ Length of the assignment should be around 750 words. Format ï​· Follow standard essay format, including clear introduction and conclusion.
ï​· Include the standard University cover page ï​· Your assignment must be word processed and printed on A4 paper, font Times New Roman, size 12, with 1.5 line spacing ï​· Your paper should be written in a formal style ï​· Any diagrams you include should be neat, clear, clearly labelled, and, referenced Deadline ï​· Your work should be handed in at the start of the lesson ï​· Assignments have to be submitted as hard copy, use the skyline cover sheet from which you will be given a confirmation that you have handed it in. Assignments handed in late will receive a penalty as follows: Work received one day later will receive 05% penalty Work received two days later will receive 10% penalty Work received three days later will receive 20 % penalty Any work received after third day will not be graded. These deadlines are not negotiable, you may submit earlier if you wish. Referencing ï​· List every source you have used in your answers (books, internet, magazines, journals etc.) and make sure you have in-text references for this essay. Plagiarism Students should bear in mind that plagiarism (copying material from the Internet or texts without references, or copying from other students) will result in an automatic E grade. Quoting and paraphrasing texts is permissible as long as the source is clearly cited in the text and the full reference given. Plagiarism includes including text from other sources without proper referencing, or, copying other studentsâ​ work.

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