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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Historical & contemporary Native Americans of the United States

Historical & contemporary Native Americans of the United States (from left to right by row): Joseph Brant, Sequoyah, Pushmataha Tecumseh, Touch the Clouds, Sitting Bull Chief Joseph, Charles Eastman, Billy Bowlegs III Jim Thorpe, Wilma Mankiller, and John Herrington.

In your reading for the last two modules, you met contemporary American Indians from all walks of life. Some are well known in their professions while others might be living in your community unknown to you. As you have learned in this course, the descendants of the First People of North America are as varied in their background and attitudes as the rest of us living in the USA. For this assignment, you will find out about the work and contributions of a living American Indian. You may choose someone whose work you know personally, or someone of more widespread significance in American life. The person you choose may be a contributor to arts and culture, sports and entertainment or public policy, and you can choose someone you learned about in this course. You can base your response on internet information, newspaper stories, or a personal interview. In your Response essay, tell why you've chosen this person and about the contributions she/he has made to American life. Finally, why did you chose this person to represent the living First Peoples? Your essay should be about 2-3 pages. Be sure to cite your sources using proper MLA style. This assignment is due week 14.

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