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Monday, 20 January 2014

Executive Proposal Project

Executive Proposal
Students will complete a three to five page executive proposal summarizing the purpose and benefit of a chosen security software. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the student’s ability to research and evaluate security testing software and present a proposal for review by executive team members. By completing the document the student will also gain practical knowledge of the security evaluation documentation and proposal writing process. The project will enable the student to identify and understand the required standards in practice, as well as the details that should be covered within a proposal. Please see the Course Content area for more detailed requirements.
All written papers and projects are required to be submitted to the Turn-it-In service, either by the student or the professor, to ensure that it is original work. Please see the Academic Policies section of the syllabus for more details about the Turn-it-In service.
This course is a study of the fundamental concepts of system vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. By the completion of this course, you will be able to discover vulnerabilities, recommend solutions for hardening network security, and protect assets from attackers in order to create an overall organizational security posture. You will participate in hands-on lab projects and prepare a penetration testing report in this course. The primary aim is to prepare you to sit for the EC Council Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) certification exam. Concepts learned in this course will be directly applicable to the network security field.
This is a class in computer security, and will cover common system vulnerabilities, exploits, and countermeasures. This course is intended to show students how to recognize and prevent malicious activity. Many of the security tools we discuss can be misused by hackers. It is important that you use these tools in an ethical and responsible manner at all times.

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