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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

United Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airlines

We need to compare to airlines (United Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airlines) in the following areas. Branding Focus(1 page) - What brand identity is being conveyed by each airline? What do the names of the airlines represent? How do the brand identities differ and how are they similar? Modes of booking (and/or technological edge) (2 pages) - Need to compare the two company's IT focus and how the customer is able to use technology to book, check-in, change reservations, pick seating or other add-ons. Also briefly include relative importance of technology in airline industry. Pricing strategy and Yield (2 pages) - mainly how do the airlines price per customer segment etcâ​¦ you can probably do some real time search on routes and compare the web pricing to see differenceâ​¦ does pricing strategy connect to their overall customer focus?

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