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Thursday, 23 January 2014


will be researching from old to up to date cases of who had image/reputatiom damages and role of public relations. For the companies how they protect their image reputation from crisis or bad influence. What kind of action should be taken during this period and how can they adopt the customers and employees.
By doing this extensive research I will look for old cases and how the public relation actions and compare with the new cases and their approach to the issue. What kind of theory had been used in the past compared to today’s theories. Whats new and how effective. I am also going to research what kind of action public relation should take for risk assesment with companies and with stakeholders. I will try to evaluate the importance of companies to have or not a PR team on its structure. How quick actions could take place. During my study I will try to identify PR tools to understand a compnies customers and using that information to solve any problem and how can PR companies use tools and foresee before the problem start and prevent from damages companies image. I will try to assess the repercution on large and small companies when a problem occures. It will be an extensive and demanding research but this is a very interseting subject during times of quick changes.

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