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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dissertation Chapter - Discussion, English Literature (Classic and Modern)

In at least 300 words, identify three "Frequently Repeated Motifs" of the traditional slave narrative that are also present in Kindred. Explain how these motifs (i.e. themes) function in Butler’s text by referring to at least three specific moments in the novel. Note: The "Frequently Repeated Motifs" are listed on this week's "The Slave Narrative" reading (see link under Week 3 Lectures, Readings, and Web Resources folder); there are eight motifs for you to choose from as you craft your response.

Then compare and contrast Dana’s experience with those of Douglass and Jacobs. How is Dana’s experience similar to Douglass's and Jacobs's? How is it different? In other words, discuss how Butler’s neo-slave narrative might both reinforce and revise the traditional slave narrative from the 19th century.

Be sure to meet all requirements as outlined on the Discussion Board Rubric. Remember to meet the length requirement and to incorporate evidence from the literature by including at least one direct quotation and MLA in-text citation from Kindred, one from Douglass's narrative, and one from Jacobs's narrative. NO SECONDARY SOURCES FROM THE INTERNET.R

Required textbooks :Butler,Octavia. Kindred. 1979. Anniversary Ed. Boston: Beacon,2004.Print.

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