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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

LIBRARY RESEARCH PAPER About nanotechnology and it's applications ( chemistry class )

Length:  5-10 pages
Citations/Notes:  fully cited, using standard bibliographic and footnote formats.  A “Bibliography” of all sources used in preparing the paper (including those not cited in the body of the paper) is to be included.
Sources:  a minimum of five (5) sources to be used.  Of these, only one may be a “general” encyclopedia.  Wikipedia is NOT acceptable as a definitive/primary source of information.  It may provide general background information, but do not cite it as a primary source! Your sources must include at least one (1) selection from the periodical literature (“serious” scientific journals, not “pop” or “general” periodicals). 
On-line databases and other electronic services that allow full-text access to the materials are available in the O’Grady Library. A scientific journal accessed in this manner (i.e., full-text, online access), is acceptable for inclusion in your paper.  If you have any doubts about the acceptability of a given periodical, consult your instructor or the library staff. In addition to the “periodicals” discussed above, you are required to include at least one “print resource” in your work---that is, a printed “book” that is either in or obtained through, the O’Grady Library or other “bricks and mortar” establishment.
Topic:  A topic of interest to you, with some clearly discernable relationship to “chemistry”.  It may be from lecture or lab, or something about which you are curious, a person and their work, something mentioned in the textbook (especially in the first section of each chapter…), or just “whatever”!  If you can’t seem to be able to come up with a suitable topic, see the list provided below!!!  You can also find topics by browsing Chemical and Engineering News, Scientific American, Journal of Chemical Education, Science, Nature, Science News and other sources.  Don’t select such a narrow topic that no materials are available, but don’t be so broad as to be overwhelmed by resources and unable to focus in on something interesting!
Topic Selection/Explanation/Justification.  You are to submit a ½-page written report on your chosen topic, along with a brief explanation of what it will deal with, and why you are choosing to write on the subject.  This preliminary submission is due at the beginning of class, Friday, March 18, 2016.  Failure to submit this preliminary report will result in a 15% deduction from your overall paper score.
Rough Draft:  You MUST submit a rough draft with your paper.  Failure to submit a rough draft will automatically earn a score of “Zero” for the assignment…I will not even look at your paper unless it is accompanied by a rough draft. (And be aware:  a second printed copy of the paper does NOT constitute a “rough draft”!!!!!

     SMU O’Grady Library is a fine facility with friendly employees who are dedicated to helping you locate reliable information and materials relevant to your search. Ask to speak with a reference librarian, or make an appointment to discuss your search with them.  Periodical indices are available for your on-line use. Both the Reference and the Circulating Collections contain books and periodicals that treat (nearly) everything under the sun!!  If you plan ahead, materials which you need but which are not in our collection may be obtained from other libraries IF you plan ahead!!  Consult with the library staff if you need to make such arrangements.  

     Do not procrastinate!!! It takes far more time than you think to complete a search, organize the information, and write it up!  A rough draft must be submitted with your final copy.  You may consult with your instructor concerning your paper at the “rough draft” stage.  You might also find a classmate who is willing to share drafts and critical comments with you.  The Writing Center (O’Grady Library, 1st Floor) offers help with the writing/editing process, but remember, you are preparing a technical report on a scientific subject, not writing the “Great American Novel!  As you write your paper, remember that I will be looking for actual chemical formulas, structures, and equations in your text---it is, after all, a C H E M I S T R Y paper!!  Also, I will be looking for some sense of “personal interest” in the topic!

Your papers will be scored according to the following criteria:
Rough Draft:  required for any further consideration of the paper.  (i.e., no RD= grade of ZERO)
Topic Selection/Justification:  required; 15% penalty overall if not submitted when due.
Length (5-10 pp):  <5 pp = 0 points; 5+ pp = 1 point
Number of sources:  <5 sources= 0; 5+ sources = 1
“Book” Source:  “none” = 0; “present” = 1
Periodical Literature:  “absent” = 0; 1or more “present” = 1
Citations/Notes/Footnotes:  “absent” = 0; “present” = 1
Bibliography/Listing of All Sources:  “absent” = 0; “present” = 1
Paper Topic:  0-1, based on its relevance to chemistry and its timeliness.
Formulas/Equations:  0-2.  (It IS a “Chemistry” paper, after all!)
Presentation:  0-1.  Clear, clean physical presence?  Logical order? Evidence of proof-reading? Etc.
Writing and Content: 0-10 points.  Grammar, spelling, composition, organization, introduction, topic development, depth of discussion, relevant conclusions, evidence of “personal involvement/interest.”

Sample abstract 

I will talk in my paper about something that has always been interesting to me which is the uses of nanotechnology in chemistry. I first heard nanotechnology back in high school when one time we had a college professor at our school and he started his lecture challenging us that he can pure a cup of water to his to shirt’s pocket. We were laughing that he can not do such thing. He did pure the water and the surprise was that the pocket latterly held the water in it, and nothing was wet. He then explained to us how it was done by using this fabulous technology and what ways to use it? And most importantly why he thinks nanotechnology is the future of since. I've read since then some articles about it and it's applications . For example the carbon-nano tubes and their practical uses. I think it will be a good subject to learn and write about. Nanotechnology is kind of a broad topic, so I will be taking as Much as I can about the chemistry part of it.

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