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Monday, 4 April 2016

Assignment Instructions
Assignment Description
Your task is to write a tutorial/survey paper on the following topic:
TPM Security   
TPM Authorization protocols
TPM Vulnerabilities

A survey paper does not present your own primary research results but synthesizes existing information from many sources and produces an extensive bibliography of papers in the field. Your survey paper should provide a good beginning point for anyone interested in starting research in this area. Your survey paper must expose the relevant details associated with the above topic. The report should not include any research papers that lack relevance to the topic. Use sound judgment about what technical details should be included and/or excluded for each research paper you survey.
It is highly recommended that your survey include existing works published in peer-reviewed publications, such IEEE, ACM, LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences), RFC, etc. Avoid surveying the technologies widely discussed and frequently appearing in YouTube, Wikipedia, SANS, etc.
Search for survey papers published in journals or conferences (e.g. IEEE, ACM, other academic journals or conferences) and examine how they are organized and written. Your end goal is to write a paper which can be published as a survey paper in any academic magazine or conference. Ask your instructor if you have questions regarding references that may be questionable.

The following must be considered when you produce the report:
Topics that are 10+ years old should be mentioned only briefly with references to books/papers/documents for further information.
No IPR (Intellectual Property Right) issues. This means that it is important to:
Properly document all sources used, including any figures and tables.
Summarize all ideas in your own words.
Do not copy any part of the original text unmodified (short quotes are OK).
Cite references as needed with the appropriate format.
Your reference section must include a reasonable number of sources from legitimate academic conferences or journals (a minimum of 3-4 papers).
Many diagrams and examples will definitely help readers understand your survey paper (a good example or picture is worth a thousand words!).

Submission Guidelines
***Please note that the final report paper must be in Word so that the instructor can add review comments.
The structure of the paper should be, as follows (please number your sections):
Abstract  (should be one or two sentences to describe what you will do in the paper)
Background (if it is necessary)
Main sections (you may need sub-section or sub-sub-section too )
Conclusion or Summary
References (use APA format)
Recommended paper length: 3-4 pages (the content is more important).  You can use font sizes of 10-12, 1.5 spaces. (If you need more space, you can use single space.)

Note, do not include the “Table of Contents”, because this is not a long paper or a book.
(If your paper goes to be published with font size of 10, single space and double columns, the paper size is only about 4-6 pages).

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