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Monday, 4 April 2016

A Permit By Rule

As a continuation of our course project due in Unit VIII, A Permit By Rule (PBR) Application for an Interior Surface Coating Facility, complete the next section, “VOC and ES Content per Vehicle,” of your proposal by following the instructions carefully, and then submit your continued draft for grading.
1. Closely read the Required Reading assignment from your textbook, the TCEQ (2011) (attached)  document, and the Unit Lesson in the Study Guide.
2. Use your proposal draft from Unit II (attached) and add to it for unit III assignment.
3. Open the Unit III Study Guide, read the Unit III Lesson, and review the calculations demonstrated and explained regarding VOC and ES weights per gallon and per vehicle for our scenario.
4. Make your Unit III work your second level 1 heading titled “VOC and ES Content per Vehicle.” Describe and demonstrate (illustrate) the calculations for both the VOC and ES weights for this section of your project.

You are required to describe and demonstrate the VOC and ES calculations in a minimum one-page, double-spaced document.

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