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Friday, 8 April 2016

 - Stellar Packaging Products, Inc., manufactures laminated coffee bag packaging. It is a supplier to the largest coffee shop chain in the world. Stellar’s controller, Robin Simmons, recently noted that its number one customer announced the closing of approximately 15 percent of its retail outlets. He fears that the company’s demand will also suffer as a result. Stellar’s president and CEO, Jesse Daniels, hears the news and consults with Simmons to forecast the impact of the change on profitability for the year. Daniels also gives Simmons strict orders not to discuss the revision with peers in the management staff. Due to the mix of costs, the decline in profitability is actually 50 percent for the remaining months of the year. Layoffs seem imminent; however, Daniels makes plans to consult with the customer’s CEO within a week.
Frank Moses, the company’s production manager, hears the announcement of stores closing and stops Simmons at the vending machine the next day, inquiring about the potential impact. Simmons is taken aback by the question and unsure of a response. According to the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, how should Simmons respond to Moses’s question?

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  • Support your position.

2- After reading Chapter 1 in your textbook, read the 2012 article from the Journal of Nursing Management, “What is strategic management?”  Then discuss what strategic management is to you, and provide three examples of different types of strategies exhibited by healthcare organizations.

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