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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

help for BUAD

Company Analysis Spreadsheet
SYNOPSIS: Your company has asked you to highlight the competitive companies within your product line: You must be prepared to discuss 4 of the strongest competitors to your company from a variety of lenses: product lines, size of company, product offerings, location, # of employees, sales, financials, birth year, number of years in business, strengths, weaknesses… This information will be utilized at the company-wide strategic planning meeting, combined, and then presented at the national/global conference related to that particular demographic.  Either on your own or within your work teams, you will complete the following tasks:
1.       In your project teams, create a spreadsheet that compares 5 organizations total: the first should be your home/host organization or company, and the remaining 4 should be your strongest competitors.
2.       Your spreadsheet must consist of 5 total companies and a minimum of 10values for comparisons. Examples of values (headings, names…) includeCompany Name, Headquarters Location, Type of Company, Products offered,  Number of Years in Business, Any Financials, Strengths, Weaknesses….YOU MAY CHOOSE OTHER VALUES IF YOU DESIRE.
In order to maximize effectiveness and creativity, the following steps must be completed:
a.       Justify the column headings so that everything is readable
b.      Center column headings
c.       Boldface and highlight the data you entered
d.      Change the margins to Wide
e.      Change Page Orientation to Landscape
f.        Add color when/where you think it best fits/looks the best
g.       Print the Gridlines (Select this option, you won’t actually be printing anything)
h.      Print the Headings (Select this option, you won’t actually be printing anything)
i.         Insert a Pie-Chart from your data (Hint: Select the row of your data and then choose Insert Pie Chart. It should show up almost like a business card at the bottom. Move the pie-chart to the bottom so that both the data and the pie-chart can be viewed.And yes, this will look very strange in your Excel file!

***Regarding grading, this is a 50-pt assignment: grading will be based on completion of assignment and steps followed***


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