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Friday, 8 April 2016

Research Projects

Due Date for Research Paper Part 1 and Research Paper Part 2:  April 8, 2016 by 11:59 p.m.

Research Paper 1 (Single parenting in America)


1.   Identify a topic related to Marriage, Family, or Intimate Relationships and research the topic.

2.   Select at least six (6) journal articles on the topic that you have selected.  Only one article can come from a news magazines.  The rest must come from professional journals.

3.   Develop an Annotated Bibliography of the sources that you will use for your topic.

4.   Write a 2-page abstract of your topic based on data gleaned from your annotated bibliography.

5.   You must use the American Sociological Association Style (ASA) for the bibliography.

      To help you with American Sociological Association (ASA), check the following: ASA has documentation materials that you may access electronically by using your browser to access  American Sociological Association (ASA) and click on Style Guide.  Largo campus library has information on its web site.

NOTE:  You must complete both requirements, the annotated bibliography and the research paper drawn from the data you got from your annotated bibliography.  Make sure you organize the paper so that it flows well in a logical manner.

NOTE 2:  Please edit carefully as writing errors will be viewed and graded very stringently.

2. Research Paper  Part 2 (Family History Impact)
All students must explore the topic noted below.
Requirements for Part 2 Black Wall Street: Family Impact (Several activities required for Part 2.)

1.  Requirements for Black wall Street:
You are required to research this topic, using at least three (3) sources.  You are then required to write a double-spaced, two to three (2-3 ) page paper which responds to the questions listed below.  This paper has a totally different focus than Part 1 so do not think they are dealing with the same topic. They are really two separate papers requiring two different kinds of research. It is for the sake of convenience that they are labeled Part 1 and Part 2.
     * Please note that your paper will be written in narrative form, not in Q - A format.  You will incorporate the answer to
these questions into a well written, well organized short paper.  A severe penalty results if it is written in
        Q - A format

     * At the end of your paper, you must provide a Reference page for your sources, using ASA style.

1.  What area of the country was referred to as Black Wall street during the late 1920s and why?

2.  What devastating event took place at the location of Black Wall Street with the consent and participation of the government?

3.   What immediate and long-term impact did this event have on families?  On the community?  On the linkage between the family and the larger community?

4.   Discuss this atrocity (the event) in relation to the structure-function framework of the family?

5.   Assume that children from both sides were aware of what took place, how would you apply the Social Learning Theory?

6.   What is your reaction to this event?

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