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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Obama care

Title  Obama care
The Introduction has to include
*attention grabber; data, stats, rhetorical question
* 2 – 6 sentences give a definition of topics establishing context
* 1 sentences refutation (pro or con)
* 2 sentences thesis statement
The thesis statements have to have two parts. 
            1 assertion: claim, statement and position
            2 topics: controls, numerical signals and three topics
•    Series , tense have to be the same
•    Syllabication and words
Sentences one 
•    Topic t statement = assertion plus topic
•    Syntax, thesaurus and sentence types
Sentences two
•    Rewrite topic sentence (subtopics 1)
Sentences three
    Give  Example # 1
Sentences four
•    Explain the example # 1
Sentences  5 to 9
Repeat the idea in different word sentence two, three and four
•      Give the second example
    Explain the  example #2

Sentence 10
•    Transition sentence

The conclusions have to have 8 sentences
•    Thesis statement
•    Topic sentence
•    No example
•    No introductory state
•    Subject verb argument 
Do not use religion fact or reasoning.

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