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Thursday, 21 March 2013

starbucks in China

This is actually kind of my final year paper about business and marketing. It looks like dissertation but I just need to write it around 5000-6500 words.
My professor and me have discussed about this and we choose "starbucks in China" for  my final year paper.
He asked me to mentioned all of this:
1. Global consistency vs Localization( e.g.change the taste to asia taste)
2. Positioning shift --> Consequence
3. Marketing in China ( Use 4P's)
4. Competitor in China e.g local cafe, etc
5. Research about Starbucks. How people in Mainland China like starbucks?
6. Do a Questionnaire focusing in China market for getting the data and make it in a graph and explain it.

PS: Please do a correct citation as my university has their own plagiarism web to detect all the words which is same or most likely the same with internet so do some paraphrasing in order to do citation.

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