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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Impact of obesity on human movement

Instructions - Choose a topic from the list below. Search both the traditional textual material (refereed scholarly journals and books) in the library, and quality websites for information on the topic. Find at least three to five interesting pieces of information, or aspects of the topic at quality websites on the internet.
Similarly, find at least three to five interesting pieces of information, or aspects of the topic in the traditional peer-reviewed professional/scholarly literature found either in the library or through a search of the databases available on the Library’s website. Summarize your findings (your text should be a minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 double-spaced typed pages) in a logical written format and include pertinent diagrams and illustrations. Include a full reference list after your text. Be sure to reference where you found the information in a format similar to that used in the scholarly journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Reference all illustrations and tables as well. Insure that illustrations and tables comprise no more than about 1/4 of the 10 pages.
As part of this project you are to include one page (page 11) devoted to information that you found to be misleading on your topic. You could look for this information on commercial websites (.com), "blogs," in advertising, or in popular magazines. You may even find misleading information in refereed sources of information. This information may have been presented in such a way as to be deliberately misleading in order for you to think more highly of a product or service, or it may be an example of the unethical use of information on your topic. Be careful when you choose the information as it should not simply be something true that you didn't understand. It should represent a deliberate effort to misguide the reader. Briefly describe the nature of the misleading information and explain, using human motion analysis logic and/or reference to the refereed literature, why the information may be misleading or unethical. On page 12 of your project answer the following question. How has your understanding of human motion analysis been enhanced by the information you found? To help you answer this question you should analyze the information you found in light of concepts presented in the course textbooks and course website.
The text of your project will be unique. It is, thus, impossible to outline specific sections to include. Deal with your topic from a predominantly anatomical kinesiology perspective. In other words, make sure the majority of your paper is on the kinesiological and biomechanical aspects of human movement. However, do not be afraid to integrate limited amounts of information from other related disciplines, as appropriate. You should, however, insure that you discuss your topic in a clear, concise fashion that follows a logical pattern. One section should lead into the next so that the project presents the information in a cohesive manner. If you are in doubt what sections to include, please discuss this with the Professor.
Search for information on your topic at appropriate web sites, i.e. non-commercial sites without vested interest in promoting a particular viewpoint or product. Usually the best web sites for this purpose are education (.edu) or organization (.org) or government (.gov) sites. Some commercial sites (.com) are useful if they provide links to interesting sites, or if they provide research summaries. Search for the peer-reviewed professional/scholarly literature using Kresge Library’s Webpage (particularly the “Find Books” and “Find Articles” links). You will likely need to submit inter-library loan requests for much of this material. Inter-library loan requests often take a few weeks to arrive. Thus, it is important to choose a topic and start your library and internet search in the first week of the semester.
Submission – You may submit your project in electronic form (strongly preferred) or on paper. Electronic documents must be submitted as email attachments in Microsoft Word document format (example…name_of_file.doc) to the professor by midnight of the due date.
You will notice there are two submission dates. Prepare your submission completely (you consider it to be in it’s final form) for the first submission date. The professor will review your work and prepare comments on the content, organization, grammar, spelling, and style of your submission. At that point your paper will be returned to you with these comments. You will receive an interim grade representing two-thirds of the points for the term project. You will have several weeks to revise your term project based on the comments before you will submit it for the second time. The professor will review your submission and return your project to you with further comments and a final grade. The grade on your second submission represents one-third of the points for the term project.  Your final grade will, again, be based on the content, organization, grammar, spelling, and style of your submission, however, part of your grade will be determined by how you dealt with the professor’s comments on your first submission. If you submit your term project on paper, you MUST resubmit your initial submission with your final submission.
Format - Prepare a double-spaced, typed submission with a cover page, the text (minimum 8, maximum 10 pages), and a list of library/internet sources and reference materials used. In addition, provide one page (page 11) devoted to the analysis of some misleading/unethical information you found on your topic and one page (page 12) explaining how your investigation of this topic enhanced your understanding of human motion analysis. The text should be written in the third person, following the style that is commonly used in scholarly scientific journals . You are strongly encouraged to read several representative articles in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise to get a sense for this style of writing

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