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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Moral Code of Conduct for Christianity and Buddhism

Paper instructions:
-Step 4 Write the paper: Your intro paragraph should include a brief statement of which traditions and issues that you will deal with, the thesis that you will be defending, and a concise plan of what is to come in your paper.  Each issue should be considered in its own paragraph, and you should support your position with references to chapters, page numbers, etc.  NO DIRECT QUOTATIONS.  Make sure that you include a title page, with the option number that you worked with, and the section number or meeting days of your class. Each option is roughly the same length, and the papers that you will be writing will be about 4 full pages in length.  They should be typed (double-spaced, in a normal 12 point font), free of grammatical & spelling errors, and demonstrate your ability to analyze & respond to the material.    Do not use any other translations of these texts that you might have or have encountered. The paper is worth 25% of your grade, so it is in your best interest to work on these well ahead of the due date, proofread carefully, and bring in any questions or rough drafts to me.  Keep an eye on WebCT for notices about paper-writing help sessions, and remember that CAPS in the library can help you with construction & grammar; just let them know that you are in the REL107 class.  Carolina Ortega, our Writing Supplemental Instruction tutor, will be holding help-sessions as well (again, check WebCT for announcements).  No late papers or rewrites after the due date will be accepted.

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