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Monday, 3 February 2014

Do you feel the U.S. government should provide universal health coverage

Do you feel the U.S. government should provide universal health coverage? Does it have an "obligation" to do so? If so, what role should personal responsibility play...should the government provide health care for someone who chooses to smoke, etc?
Include in your post a researched website that supports your position. Briefly describe the website and provide the website URL in your post. You may not use the same website used by a classmate who posted on this thread before you. So...post early.
Also, you are required to post one additional response on the discussion thread. This additional post can be comments on classmates posts, responses to comments made to your original post, or a combination of the two.
To summarize, to receive full credit (3 points) for this discussion, you must complete the following: 
  1. An original post that addresses your position on the topic (1 point). 
  2. An associated website summary and URL (1 point). 
  3. At least one meaningful additional post in the discussion thread so you should have at least two posts (1 point).
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