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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Implementation of TQM in China valve manufacturing industry

·         Please do follow the supervisor’s feedback and change accordingly for the Introduction and Literature review part.
(Introduction: Start off with a discussion of some problems firms can encounter and how tqm has help them with this – cite some sources
Also, to discuss valve industry in China and quality.)
·         The Literature review part is more or less done, however, please refers to the feedback given and changes accordingly and please rephrase/ para-phrase the whole of literature review portion, as it is of high percentage of plagiarism.
·          Ignore the written methodology part, that requires re-do and lecturer requires surveys and interviews.

Ø  Survey from 4 valve companies (population : 100)
o   Neway (www.newayvalve.com)
o   Baoyi valve (www.baoyi.com)
o   Fangyuan (www.fangyuan-valve.com)
o   Boteli (www.boteli.com)
***Please come up with survey questionnaires and the lecturer want to see before proceeding. This survey should use seven point Likert scale.
Ø  Conduct a total of 4 interviews from the given four companies’ manager.
*All the data collection are to be filed in the Appendix.
(Only to use sources and references from 2003 onwards)
Structure of the dissertation:
Abstract               (approx 250 words)
Introduction       (approx 800 words)
Literature Review (approx 2500 words)
Methodology    (approx 1000 words)
Findings and Discussion (approx 2000 words)
Conclusion          (approx 500 words)

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