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Monday, 3 February 2014

Know the Stages of Evolution of the Pre-Colombian Civilizations

Chapter 1 "Not Just Pyramids, Explorers, and Heroes" pp. 1-18
( Include the page number of each answer )
1.      Know the Stages of Evolution of the Pre-Colombian Civilizations.
2.      Know the time frame of the sixeightmesoamerican civilizations mentioned in this chapter; and identify two contributions of each of these civilization. Also, very importantly, cite the page numbers. 
3.      Know the time frame of “los nortenos”  
Chapter 2 “The Occupation of Middle America” pp. 19-38
( Include the page number of each answer )
1.  What were the various ways that the Spanish decimated the native peoples of the Americas?
2.  What were the difference in women’s status between Mesoamerican rule and Spanish rule.
3.  Be familiar with the colonization of New Mexico, Texas and Alta California
4.      What was the racial composition of Mexico immediately before Independence (1810)? 
Terms in chapters 1 & 2:identify these terms and explain them and include the page numbers:
1)      Mother culture  
2)      Civilization    
3)      Mesoamerica 
4)      Laws of Burgos  
5)      Scorched-earth strategy  
6)    Encomiendas
7)   Repartimiento
8)  Caste system  
9)  Indios barbarous   
10) Great Northern Revolt  
11)  Crístobal Colón   
12)  Genocide   
13) New World  
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