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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Introduction - Immigration: A contentious issue in the United States

Since being established as a country close to 200 years ago, the United States has continued to attract immigrants from all corners of the world.  The immigrants come for a variety of reasons which include searching for economic opportunities, seeking refuge from political turmoil in their countries of origin, seeking religious freedoms, among other reasons.  The fact that a large population of the United States traces their roots to immigration has shaped how the country looks at immigration. It is common to hear political figures, intellectuals and normal citizens referring to their country as “a nation of immigrants” (Jimenez 1).  This is also reflected in the nation’s foremost symbol – the statue of liberty.

The country has witnessed several waves of immigration, including the current one that is dominated by immigrants from Mexico, Asia, and the Caribbean. In the recent past, there have problems with the integration of immigrants. Today it is one of the biggest concerns of ordinary citizens who point out that immigrants are less willing to integrate.  However, the role immigrants in the US economy and the treatment they receive from the government have become more contentious. The issue has generated heated debates both in the political and public arenas.
The bone of contention is the unavailability of real economic facts about immigration - the real implications of immigration on wages, jobs, budgets, and the U.S economy- issues that are truly essential to advance a constructive national debate (Greenstone and Looney 1).
In regard to these inconsistencies, many are for the view that the US immigration policy is largely flawed. This paper seeks to examine immigration in the US and the unfolding issues that has led to emergence of debates.

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