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Monday, 7 November 2016

Clinical Informatics and Patient Safety

Possible articles and citations to be used will be uploaded. You are welcome to use other research that is relevant to the topic, but I wanted to provide some that I thought would help.

Topic: Clinical Informatics and Patient Safety

The purpose of this paper is to identify and explore one aspect of health care informatics or health information technology that is of special interest to you by developing a position paper on the topic and a logical defense of your position. The topic you select should be focused on a health topic that is enabled or impacted by the use of information technology. You may select a topic from course content, one of the topics mentioned below, or one of your own choosing (which must be approved by the course instructor). The paper should:

• define your topic and list key words used to research your topic
• discuss the background, emergence, and future role of your topic (how your topic fits into the future of health information systems in health care)
• discuss current use and status of your topic within the field of health information including strengths and weaknesses related to your topic
• discuss barriers and key challenges to implementation and/or adoption
• discuss any variance or incongruous opinions related to your topic from the literature (including all viewpoints)
• discuss in detail your position related to the topic (status, current and future uses).
Complete and logical reasoning for your position should be presented and supported by literature. This assignment should be approached from an application focus, discussing how your topic is applied to improve health care delivery.
The final paper should be 8 -10 pages in length to a maximum of 10 pages, not including title page, references, or appendices.
Writing Guidelines:
Topic is clear and well defined and included key words used to research topic
• Discuss the current use and status of the informatics topic regarding how it enabled health care
• Discuss all viewpoints related to the health informatics topic
• Provide in-depth analysis of the topic’s current, emerging, and future roles related to the role of the informatics topic in health care
• Provide an in-depth position regarding the topic analysis of the current, emerging, and future role related to your topic
• Assignment is written in a scholarly format including title page, including appropriate sentences, page numbering, paragraphs, and headings
• Includes an effective introduction and conclusion
• Adhered to APA Manual 6th Ed. Guidelines
• Work is free of grammatical and typographical errors
• Length of paper does not exceed ten pages (this does not include title page, reference page, or appendices)

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