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Friday, 2 August 2013

Essay on Military Dominance in South East Asia

Here is the prompt: Traditionally, outsiders have viewed the political systems in Southeast Asia (and much of Asia as well) as authoritarian, even speaking of “oriental despotism.” After the push for independence, democracy was the goal of most nationalist movements. However, various difficulties made it necessary, in the minds of some, to resort to authoritarianism. The authoritarian regimes could only exist because of military power. Please describe and discuss the three different routes taken in various Southeast Asian countries to military dominance. In your opinion, is the military likely to be a major force in the foreseeable future? Why? Is there a way out of the dependence on military force as countries continue to develop? Therefore, please talk about/answer the following: - 3 different routes taken to military dominance (in DIFFERENT countries of SOUTH EAST ASIA) - Is military likely a major force in the near future in south east asia? Why? - Is there way out of dependence on military force as countries in south east asia develop? In addition, please include a thesis in the first paragraph that expresses the main aim of the paper. ALSO - include good examples and explain them! - explain concepts and terms! - 2 full pages is a minimum!

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